2014 Alabama Master Gardeners Association Conference


Baldwin County Master Gardeners take great pleasure in inviting you all to participate in a JUBILEE, gardening style! A JUBILEE is a relatively rare occurrence happening when the oxygen level on the bottom of the bay’s water closest to mainly the Eastern Shore gets depleted due to a combination of conditions. Those conditions cause the "bottom feeders" like flounder, crabs, and eels but sometimes shrimp and catfish to go into a comatose-like state heading for the shore line where astute Eastern Shore dwellersJubilee! are ready with gigs, buckets, bare hands – anything to catch them before the conditions change and the fish and crustaceans recover putting up the fight of their lives to get away from the shore and those humans! This type of "fishing/crabbing" becomes a celebration – a JUBILEE!

Our program has the variety that often occurs with a JUBILEE. One thing you will not become is moribund. The program format is different from other conferences. There are no break out sessions. In place of the break-outs, we plan to use GIGs that will "net you in" easily with a variety of rapid snippets of information that apply to the Alabama gardeners as a whole. While some registrants are beings GIGGED indoors, others will escape to planned outdoor activities that will offer totally different emphases for those participants. In the months to come, as the program is finalized, you will be able to read updates on this website, see related YOUTUBES (here's our first one), and become a part of ALABAMA . . . A GARDENER’S JUBILEE before putting one foot in Baldwin County!

Weeks BayCheck out the Week's Bay online edition for what's going on around the area. Just click the graphic to the left. More conference information can be found here. We look forward to welcoming you to Baldwin County and, in particular, to Daphne, AL – the JUBILEE CITY!


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